Governor Murphy Expands Social Distancing to Include Visiting Gumars

TRENTON-As frustrations grow over Governor Phil Murphy’s series of executive orders that have limited social interactions, the governor announced today that social distancing rules will be relaxed to ease tensions on the homefront and to lower the increasing rise in domestic disturbance calls by police.

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“Many in New Jersey have been put under a lot of stress in the recent weeks, being stuck at home with your family, sometimes isn’t necessarily the best course of action,” Murphy said. “With that being said, today I am pleased to announce that I have rolled back restrictions to allow men to visit their gumars as an allowable reason to travel, in addition to work,  grocery shopping and medical appointments.”

Murphy said local police departments experienced a spike in domestic disturbance calls between spouses in the past few weeks, saying safety and public welfare is his number one priority as the state continues to push through the coronavirus pandemic.

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“For those whose gumar is a co-worker, we’d appreciate if you would take advantage of that opportunity and find an empty conference room or closet in the office building,” Murphy said. “Otherwise, I ask that you only travel to your gumar once, maybe twice a week and only when absolutely necessary.”