At Height Of Coronavirus Outbreak Toms River Mayor Poses Police for a Photo Op


TOMS RIVER-As the police officers from Toms River Police Department squad 5 readied to work their shift amid the ongoing COVID-19 global coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill them pause for a photo op inside the police parking lot adjacent to Bey Lea Park.

Toms River Township is second in Ocean County to neighboring Lakewood Township in the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases with over 200, as reported by the Ocean County Health Department on Wednesday.    In the photo, Hill stood in front of a line of precisely placed police cruisers with himself front and center.

This photo was taken just two days after Hill introduced an astronomical tax increase of 7% for his town in the 2020 municipal budget and published on the township Facebook page Thursday morning.

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“This week Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill met with Squad 5 as they deployed for their shift. In the past 2 weeks our Toms River Police Department has responded to over 4400 calls,” Hill’s press secretary reported on the town’s Facebook page. “During this COVID-19 Pandemic we cannot thank our brave first responders, our police officers, EMS and Volunteer Firefighters for protecting our health and safety.”