Jackson Police Officer Comforts Dog Hit and Run Victim in His Final Moments


JACKSON-There’s a lot going on in the world and everyone is under a lot of stress these days, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the compassion of many and the lack of compassion by few.

A dog which escaped his enclosed yard in Jackson while chasing a deer ran out into the road and was struck by a car Wednesday afternoon and left to die with grave injuries as cars passed by.  A good samaritan stopped her car to comfort the dog during his final moments and was joined by passing Jackson Police Officer Kyle Stybe.

According to Jackson Police Sgt. Fred Meabe, Stybe was petting and comforting the dog, telling him how he was such a good boy as his injuries were too severe to be saved.

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“He has a huge heart for dogs,” Meabe saidof Stybe.

The dog expired approximately 10 minutes after being struck by the passing vehicle.  The driver of the hit and run incident was not found, but heavily scorned on social media.