5 Unique Frozen Pizzas for the Perfect Coronavirus Quarantine Pizza Party


Running out of things to do?  Bored out of your mind?  Why not host a family pizza party and try out some new frozen pizza options?  It can be fun and it’s something different to do with your family at a pretty low cost.   Here are some recommendations for your next family pizza night.

#5 Sweet Earth Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza

An authentic Italian 5-cheese blend topped with chives & red pepper flakes in an herb pesto sauce on a rosemary herb crust. Cheese pizza with herbaceous personality.  This is such a nice frozen pizza!! It smells delicious while baking, and tastes even better. I can leave as is or dress it up with vegetables, it can stand on its own.

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#4 Annie’s Pizza Bagels

Mozzarella, white cheddar & Monterey Jack cheese with tomato sauce on mini bagels.  These are delicious if served hot. Heat them in a conventional oven for best results! I did not get really good results in a microwave.


#3 Spinato’s Broccoli Crust Pizza

Now you can make pizzas your way on our signature Broccoli Crust! Spinato’s ‘One Crust’ broccoli pizza crust is a blank crust awaiting your chef’s skilled expertise. Create your own pie with friends or family. With you in the driver’s seat, you can’t go wrong with our broccoli crust and naturally gluten-free.


#2 Digiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza

With DiGiorno Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza, you can savor the flavor of genuine pizza made with high-quality ingredients right from your freezer. DIGIORNO Rising Crust Pepperoni pizza is made with only the very best: California vine-ripened tomatoes, real mozzarella cheese, a preservative-free crust, and is loaded with big, juicy slices of pepperoni. The self-rising crust has big, juicy toppings that are paired with our signature sauce for the fresh-baked taste of delivery pizza in your very own home.

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#1 Udi’s Gluten Free Three Cheese Pizza


Whether you’re Celiac, gluten-sensitive, or just know that a gluten-free diet makes you feel better, Udi’s is dedicated to making gluten-free food that gives you the energy to feel your best. Great flavor is important too; that is why we’re committed to making the most delicious gluten-free food available – from baked goods, to granola, to frozen meals.



or dress it up with vegetables, it can stand on its own.