94 COVID-19 Positive Patients at Manchester Nursing Home? Not So Said Police Department

MANCHESTER-Social media has brought out the best in many people as we close the chapter on the third week of isolation.  It has also brought the worst out in people, spreading rumors, fighting and overreacting to simple things.  Just today, I was called a “piece of sh&t” and “white trash” by a business owner on Facebook for removing a post from one our pages, but that’s not nearly as bad as people who spread false rumors to create a panic.

A rumor is spreading on social media claiming a senior living home has 94 positive cases of COVID-19.  Police here say it’s fake news.

“It has been brought to our attention that there was a story recently posted and said to be circulating around social media that there is a nursing home within Manchester Township with 94 positive COVID-19 patients. This is completely FALSE,” the Manchester Police Department said Friday afternoon. “Please know that the township OEM Director has been working with the administrative staff of each facility regularly to ensure that pertinent information is exchanged. Because of this, we would have most certainly been aware if this was an issue in one of our facilities.Simply put…it is not. We would like to remind our residents that not everything posted on social media, blogs, apps, etc. is factually accurate and that they should rely on information which is released from an official source.”

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