Berkeley Township Mayor Warns of Coronavirus Stimulus Scams


Berkeley Township Mayor, Council Applaud Passage of Coronavirus Stimulus – warn residents about Stimulus Scams have begun

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP-On Monday, Berkeley Township Mayor Carmen Amato and the township council unanimously supported a resolution in support of President Donald J. Trump’s coronavirus economic stimulus package.

Although the bill had some back and forth in the U.S. Senate, it was passed by the House of Representatives and Senate this week.

“This stimulus package will help every day Americans and will provide much needed financial support to the local businesses here in Berkeley Township and across New Jersey,” Amato said.

In an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19, states have implemented shutdowns, closing schools and many businesses which have led to mass layoffs and furloughs, leaving Americans struggling.

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“It’s vital that once we get past these restrictions and the economy is shifted back into gear, that individuals and small businesses have the necessary capital they need to quickly reopen and succeed,” Amato said.

“This stimulus package will also greatly help our seniors and struggling young families who live on a fixed income and may find themselves needing that extra boost for food, medical supplies and other essential items they need during the shutdown,” Amato added.

Amato also let his feelings be known about how Congress and the U.S. Senate conducted themselves last week.

“Members of Congressional leaders have been playing political games, pushing their agendas instead of focusing on helping the Americans,” Amato said. “This inability to come together and craft a bill that provides much needed assistance to struggling Americans shows a complete lack of compassion for those struggling.”

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“During this period of great uncertainty, Americans need Congress to work together and provide the economic relief they so greatly need,” said Councilman James Byrnes.