Photo Op of the Day: Toms River Mayor Mo Hill Takes Out the Trash


TOMS RIVER-In another episode of bizarre behavior by Mayor Maurice B. Hill, Hill brought along his entourage to Holiday City in Silverton to watch DPW workers on their bulky pickup run through the community.  This comes the day after Hill posed for photos with the Toms River Police Department during the COVID-19 pandemic in an elaborately arranged photoshoot.

“Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill did a site visit with Ryan Sandberg, Jess McClean and Scott Warthan Public Works crew as they picked up bulk items in Holiday City Silverton yesterday to show support as they continue to provide essential services to the Toms River residents,” said a press release by Hill’s press secretary. “In addition to our Public Works employees who are continuing to provide sanitation and recycling services we want to thank all of our first responders on the front lines providing for the health and safety of our residents- the Toms River Police Department, EMS and First Aid, our volunteer Firefighters and our Senior Center staff ensuring that our senior citizens needs are met and the medical personnel and hospital staff who are caring for those who are ill.”

In the photos released by the township, Hill is seen assisting workers in their job.

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