COVID-19: It’s a War. And the enemy is waiting for you to come out and be killed


COVID-19 Advice for the general public for Vietnam War combat veterans…

The world is at war with a hidden enemy.

That’s how President Donald J. Trump declared the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic nearly a month ago.  Many laughed at him, but it wasn’t until speaking to a Vietnam combat veteran that I realized, this is just like war.

A simple post in a veterans group on Facebook brought the entire thing into perspective from a Vietnam combat veteran.

When you leave the wire, use your head.

“This is my view of this virus. just like in Vietnam,” he said. “You know the enemy is out there just waiting for you to screw up and yet we go out day after day night after night, because we have to get groceries or see a doctor or to get gas. It’s like a damn booby trap. you touch something, you go it.”

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In the jungles of Vietnam, our nation’s warriors knew every time they left the confines of their own base (home), or let somebody through the wire, they were exposing themselves to their very own death or injury.  In the jungles, you have to be aware, alert and keep your head down and be smart.    You don’t just stroll out into the jungle to look at the trees or get some fresh air, because it could be the last time you leave.

Have a plan.

When you think about how simple this “war” with the coronavirus is, there are similarities.   Plan your outings carefully. Make sure you’re covered and protected.  Make sure you do everything you’re supposed to be doing and most importantly don’t make mistakes.

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The end of life scenario of dying on a ventilator, alone in a hospital with strangers in protective gear, with no family is not a pleasant way to go for anyone.   It’s the reality of many who have perished in the past four weeks in our area and it is happening.  It’s real.  It’s not just happening to the Jewish community as many are pretending either. It’s happening to people of all ages, all races, all religions and all walks of life.

Don’t disrespect the hidden enemy, it wants to kill you.

“Keep your heads and ass wired at all times. just be careful out there,” said one veteran. “Have to respect it. disrespect gets you killed in action.”

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Another decorated Vietnam combat veteran said the experience now is similar to that of his first few days in-country in Vietnam.

“The first few days in country scared beyond belief. Then one settles in,” he said. “Then one starts liking the adrenalin surging through your veins. This virus is nothing to screw around with, especially for older veterans, So if you say “It ain’t going to get me”, I say good luck to you as you will need it.”