NJ Agriculture Secretary Announces Landscapers May Continue to Work Through Shelter in Place


NewJersey is currently under a “shelter in place” order, The NJ Nursery & Landscape Association (NJNLA) has announced that residents and businesses may continue having their landscapers come to maintain their property during the coronavirus pandemic.

The New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association received word this morning from the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture that, as of today, March 22, 2020, landscaping may continue in New Jersey provided they follow the social distancing requirements laid out in Executive Order 107, the agency said.
“We were also told that, if that was to change at any point, we would be advised. It is our recommendation that you print this email and keep it with your crews that are outside working.NJNLA is providing clarification, but any decision to continue operating is at the discretion of the business owner,” NJNLA added.  “Please make your business decision based on what is best for your employees, customer’s and supplier’s health.”

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