Planning a Staycation at Home This Spring and Summer? This Company Can Help You Prepare Now


Last week, New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture announced that lawn care and landscaping services are now an essential service during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic to allow homeowners to continue to maintain their properties as long as those services are being done under the safe distancing guidelines set forth by Governor Phil Murphy.

  • NJ Secretary of Agriculture allows landscapers to continue working.
  • Many residents are now at home in need of spring lawn maintenance services.
  • Brothers is now extending 0%, no payment for 1-year offer on outdoor living packages.
  • Many planning staycations instead of vacations this summer.

One shore area company is doing just that, Brother’s Landscaping of Freehold.  Brothers has been serving the Jersey Shore area for over 35 years and are helping residents and customers to make sure the things that need to still be done around the house are getting done. “We have implemented new safety protocols at our office and in the field to ensure everyone’s health and safety,” said owner Brad Moini. “We are lucky that in our field, it requires minimal contact if any with our clients.

No Contact Appointments

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Brothers Landscaping is now offering no contact appointments for the health and safety of its customers and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.  They service Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Moini said except for the new safety measures he implemented, which are in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Governor of New Jersey and the Center for Disease Control, it’s business as usual for his company right now and he wants to let the world know that, yes, you can continue having your lawn and property maintenance services active during the stay at home order.

“We offer lawn maintenance, landscaping hardscaping and much more,” he said. “If it has to do with your yard, we do it all!”

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Residents now planning staycations at home in New Jersey

“With all of our clients at home more now and with summer fast approaching, they are reaching out to us to discuss improvements to their property, many are now planning at-home staycations instead of vacations and want to make sure they are ready,” Moini said.

Moini acknowledged that right now, budgets at home are tight and his company is extending their 0% no payment for one year on their outdoor living packages to give their customers an opportunity to enjoy their yards worry-free while home with their families.

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If you wish to learn more about Brothers Landscaping, please visit their website or call 732-780-8843.

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