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Here we go, more COVID-19 in the news!  Back in February I read an article talking about how China and their media turned into non-stop reporting on the COVID-19 Wuhan Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Virus (crisis).  Just like the way the virus spread here, so our behaviors have similarly mirrored those of China’s.  It is impossible to look at anything today without looking through the lens of this crisis.  What do we have on our side that China does not?  A free press….

Our first Amendment rights are some of the most important that we have.  There have already been so many allegations, which are manifesting themselves as now facts, concerning the suppression of information where this crisis is believed to have started, and subsequently spread from.  Dribs and drabs of information about doctors trying to sound the alarm in China, how they were subverted and or their disappearances have been coming to light.

As we turn to our local, state, and national news media organizations, we know we are in a crisis and we know we are going to continue to face difficult times.  Not a single news aggregate website or media homepage is not dominated by this news, at this time.

We are being told a lot of information…!


As you are reading this, millions of Monday Mourning quarterbacks are blasting out memes, opinions, and posts concerning the crisis.  News agencies are churning out story after story after story, with a lot of criticism.  It’s very easy to do this when one is in the position of being sequestered to their home, home office, or behind their desk, away from the actual boots on the ground madness of the crisis, both literally and figuratively.

As a world community, what have we got right?  As a world community, what have we got wrong?  As a world community, are we putting forward our best or worst faces?

The CDC made their recommendations of social distancing, limiting groups to less than 10, and staying out of public areas on March 15th.  The same recommendations came from The President of The United States (POTUS), Donald Trump that day.

What have we got right?  From all accounts, the social distancing and lock-down measures seem to be working.  While the numbers have not quite slowed or plateaued into the ominous flattened curve, social distancing seems to be working.  Without digressing into the weeds concerning the constitutionality of measures being taken through this crisis, that is a whole other matter, washing our hands and staying in our homes seems to be working.

What have we got wrong?  The early days of the crisis, not many people were taking this seriously.  People ignored the recommendations from both the CDC and President of the US.  Still today, there are people ignoring this advice and are part of the problem, not the solution.

The ugly?  Whichever way you turn, there is criticism.  People are screaming from the rooftops “Orange Man Bad!” and “What are the Dems doing about this?”


Mandatory lock-downs, shelter in place, and limiting of movement of “non-essential” personnel measures implemented in the early days from some states is proving helpful during the crisis.  Governors from sates like Washington, California, New York, and New Jersey put into effect these measures early on.  Some jurisdictions did it immediately, and others, as was the case of New Jersey, did it in stages (starting with a curfew, then subsequently, putting people on mandatory quarantine).  The Governors are doing what they were elected to do, Govern.

I have seen so many correlations to people saying things like “The only states that are doing a mandatory lockdown are the ones that have Dems in office.”  If you have been asleep for the last few decades, with a few exceptions, the states with the highest population densities or having big cities, have been mostly lead by Democratic leadership and or represented by Democratic lawmakers.  That is a correlation.  The ins and outs of why that is, is another argument for another day.  If you live in one of those areas and feel that your way of thinking is superior everyone else’s, because you are a sophisticated person from a city, and are therefore smarter than everyone else, then run with that.  Whatever makes you sleep better.  Regardless of the root cause, look at high population areas and then look for a blue overlay of that area (yes there are exceptions, id.est. New Hampshire, etc.).

As a matter of opinion, what areas are social distancing measures most needed?  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the areas that have a high population density.  Does that mean the Democratic leadership in states like NY and NJ are the only ones doing things the right way?  I’m going to say no.  I’m going to say the needs of the people in NJ are much different than the needs of less populated areas.  Look at the infection map in correlation to where Democrats live, and get back to me on that one…Are Democrats more prone to get this virus?


“Trump should lock down the whole country!  His is an imbecilic and is incapable of leading our country!”  One derivation of many claims I’ve read.  Trump hinted last week at creating a lock-down on a hot-spot area, that of NY, NJ, and CT.  This was a talking point on something he was considering.  People became absolutely TRIGGERED and went bananas over this notion.

Let’s open a book and take a look at civics.  I don’t know if this is even taught anymore, but here is a quick lesson that we can all build off of in our own studies.  The duly elected Governors, of their own states are responsible for those states.  They are the ones in charge of governing.  Not the federal government.

If the Governor of New Jersey says “Thou shall not leave thy house” then that’s what we shall do.  As for the constitutionality of that, the courts will sort that out later, and other effects from executive overreach will come to a head (I digress).  Regardless, draconian or not, these efforts seem to be working.  It is not the responsibility of POTUS to execute a countrywide mandatory shut-in.  Now, there are many people not following the advice of the CDC and recommendations of POTUS, or they were not.  Some states, and oh, you sophisticated “blue” states on lock down, have leaders that saw what was necessary for their state.  Which, by the way, there is NOTHING stopping the Governors from completely shutting down their boarders, seaports, and airports.  So while some of the nay sayers want to wag their finger at someone, don’t wag it at the federal government, all you need to do is beg your state to lock down your boarders.  Get back to me on that one too…

Where does that leave us now?  Well, it leaves us in a situation where the federal Government may HAVE to lock the entire country down, under martial law.  It will not be called martial law, as it’s not being called in CA, NY, NJ, etc. but it IS martial law.  The federal government stepping in because of the failures of the states to govern themselves is a reactionary measure.  Not allowing the states to govern themselves is called executive overreach.  The fact is, if you live in a state where this crisis is spreading un-checked, then YOUR elected representatives or leaders, and fellow citizens have failed you.


As pointed out, which it really did not need to be pointed out, criticism is running rampant.  Before we get all high and mighty, let’s revisit our nation’s collective inability to follow simple instructions, such as those issued by the CDC early on in the crisis.  Edward Coke once said “Precaution is better than cure.”  Guess what America, we are in the cure portion of this crisis, curing the sick, and curing stupidity.  If you want to blame anyone, blame the people that refuse to comport to our collective needs.

With that, we are being slaughtered by non-stop and constant information.  What put CNN originally on the map as a news media giant?  Constant coverage (the story of Baby Jessica comes to mind and may have been their moment to shine).

Before we dive deep into news media, I would like to invite all the readers to check out this video, CLICK HERE!

I am not insinuating that we should not trust mainstream media.  But, what I am advocating to you, is to do some of your own digging.  Before you fire off that meme or witty post, that is a big “got ya” moment, maybe do a little reading on your own.  Become your own myth buster.  And, remember, some of the ‘trusted’ myth busting sites got so big that they too are swallowed by agenda.  Unfortunately, this requires work.

Some myths going around that should be looked into….

Trump Abolished Pandemic Response Team – CLICK HERE for a bigger picture on that.
N95 Mask Reserve Was Depleted – CLICK HERE for a bigger picture on that.
Trump said Hydroxychloroquine could be a “Game Changer” (“could be” a game changer) – CLICK HERE and HERE  and HERE for a bigger picture on that. (What would you do?  I’d roll those bones).

Those are three of the many things that are being bounced around and as you can see, it takes time to actually read the information.  Then read more information.  Then find more, but perhaps conflicting information.  And round you go.

There are plenty of conspiracies going around and it is up to you to do the research, connect the dots, ignore false flags, and formulate your own opinion.

The thing we should be doing collectively is gathering our own information.  Be a thinker.  Don’t just say “The Dems suck” and “Orange man bad.”  We’re supposed to be the best and most civilized country in the world (and if you think otherwise, just move), let’s try to act that way.


We have a problem on our hands.  In fact, we have many problems on our hands.  Some of our problems have gotten worse during this crisis and some of our problems have mitigated.  For example, the presumed systemic issue of “mass” shootings (which actually have been on the decline) have declined to a halt, the media is not talking about that anymore.  Petty crime and burglaries should be on the rise, but since everyone is home, no burglar wants to deal with that mess.  Home invasion, that’s still an issue for sure.  If you had financial woes before this crisis, they are likely worse now.  Looting is right around the corner.  Our problems could be compounded or mitigated.

While all of this is going on, and previous to the crisis, a another problem needs to be addressed or at least talked about.  Here is a hyperlinked headline from the Department of Justice’s press release:

Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases

The press release lists a number of charges for three different individuals in “unrelated” cases, but all revolving around bio-research and or material to/from China.  What we KNOW about these cases and or instances is close to nil.  Why is that Mr. and Mrs. America?  That is because this is part of an ongoing investigation.  In another article, Zheng, one of the individuals allegedly smuggling material had his visa also sponsored by Harvard.  Yanqing Ye, the third individual was associated with Boston University.  Here is a good question, what the heck is going on Massachusetts?!?!  This is not isolated either, as a similar situation occurred in 2018.

Some questions need to be asked about these clandestine smuggling operations.  The most troubling portion of this, the reported cases are only the ones that have been CAUGHT.  Think about this from a perspective of speeding in a motor vehicle.  How many people speed versus how many get caught?  Is all of this related?  Only time will tell – but what we can say, it certainly is a problem and since you may have time off from work, dig around on this if you’re interested.


We’re under arrest.  There is no doubt about that.  Some people have been making the best of their time and have been taking on much needed neglected projects.  Some people are getting a chance to look through old photographs and share them on social media.  Families are coming together, learning, and cooking together.  There is a lot of beauty going on from being forced to stay isolated.  Introspection and solitude for some.  Loneliness for others.

As you pick up your remote control to watch the news, or have your electronic device in your hand to pass through the social media posts….PAUSE.  And Think.  There is a lot going on and before you take a spoon fed piece of information or half-truth, just think.  Do your own research, you’ll be surprised what you learn.  Not everything is black in white in the world, we function in many grays.

One thing Trump is right about, we have an invisible enemy and are at war.  With that, I charge you to fight and pick a team!  Choose sides!  Are you a “Republican?”  Are you a “Democrat?”  Are you an “Independent?”  I chose my team, and it is “Team Human Race.”

Should you or a loved one be experiencing suicidal thoughts, call The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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