Social Inequality Rears its Ugly Head After Wealthy Rumson Violators Get a Pass for Violating Pandemic Orders

RUMSON-Rumson is an affluent Jersey Shore community located in Monmouth County where the median home value is around $1,200,000.  It’s where the wealthy sea-faring executives usually end up hanging their hat.  In essence, Rumson is the Martha’s Vineyard of the Jersey Shore.

This weekend, police broke up a “coronavirus” party where these wealthy residents, living in homes valued in the 1 to 7 million dollar range.  It wasn’t as if it was the teenaged kids of Jersey Shore elite, it was the actual parents.  Police said the average age of the violators were in their 30’s and 40’s.  Not only did they violate the order, they shouted obscenities at the police officers, which they obviously look down upon, with little respect.

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“Fuck the police!” police alleged the violators shouted at them.  They were called Nazi’s, yet, according to police, not a single fine or charge was levied.

Compare that to other low-income areas of the state where police issued fines. Pennsgrove, Lakewood, Newark, Camden.  Those violaters were treated as the criminals they are.

Did the Rumson party get preferential treatment because these were fine, upstanding pillars of our Jersey Shore community?

The violators of the Rumson party should be treated fairly and equally to all of the other pandemic violators that continue to put the entire state at risk.

One thing is certain for now, when the Attorney General publishes the next coronavirus violation police blotter, none of these fine folks from Rumson will be on it.

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