Man Threatens Estranged Wife, “I have the rona. Do you want the rona?”


PARSIPPANY, NJ-He was just supposed to go inside and feed the fish when his estranged wife isn’t home, but Nikolas Whitehill, 39, of Parsippany went a bit further.   According to police, who saw home video footage provided by his wife, Whitehill entered the home and began coughing on objects and touching his wife’s stuff.

“I have the rona,” he told her. “You want the rona?”

Police were not impressed.  Whitehill was charged by police for violating Governor Phil Murphy’s emergency stay at home executive order.

  • Nikolas Whitehill, 39, of Parsippany, was charged with violating the emergency orders. Police were called about a domestic matter involving Whitehill and his estranged wife. By court order, the wife has sole possession of their house, but Whitehill is permitted to enter the house on alternating dates, when the victim is not home, to feed their fish. The wife provided police with security footage from March 28 of Whitehill alone inside the house, where he was coughing on objects and touching objects, saying he had “the rona” and “Do you want the rona?”
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