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All Over the World, Garage Gyms Are Now a Thing

It’s been almost a month since your local gym has been shut down, except those of you still working out at the black-market underground gyms, but across America and around the world, garage gyms are being built.  Old boxes of records and clothes from high school are being transferred to the basements and attics across the land and making way for some pretty impressive…and not so impressive garage gyms.

One of the gym equipment companies that seem to be doing well in this new budding garage gym industry is Cringe Sports out of Austin, Texas. Cringe is a gym and workout equipment manufacturer that has always been there for both traditional public gyms and the do-it-yourself garage gym guys and now their loyalty to the garage gym crowd seems to be paying off.

“Zombie apocalypse?” the company said on its website. “We’re experiencing massive orders and stock-outs and delays are possible!”

“It’s been crazy, but we firmly believe that stronger people live longer, happier, healthier lives and one of the best ways to get stronger is by building out your garage gym,” the company said.

It’s not just FringeSport, which is seeing a 4x increase in sales since the COVID-19 outbreak, across the board, at-home workout programs and gym equipment vendors are making out as the garage now seems to be the last bastion of exercise freedom left in America.  Parks are closed, trails are closed and we’re all supposed to just sit inside getting fat?  Hell no, says FringeSports.

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You don’t need high priced gym equipment to stay in shape.  You can still find lots of seldom-used gym equipment on eBay if you dare, but online retailers like WalMart and Amazon have plenty of options from a garage yoga studio to a full-fledged at-home grinder.

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Check out some home gym options.

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Here are some garage gyms people have shared on twitter in recent days.



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