How Alleged Voter Fraud Almost Kept Former Democrat Rikin Mehta Off 2020 Primary Election Ballot

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New Jersey resident King Penna recently challenged the petition ballots of former Democrat Rikin Mehta who is running as a Republican in this year’s U.S. Senate primary election.   The case went before a videoconference court hearing with a New Jersey Administrative Law judge seeking to invalidate signatures obtained by agents of Mehta.

In the filing, Penna claimed that many of Riklin’s petition signatures were obtained illegally by an out of state firm that operates out of the state of Nevada.  According to New Jersey law, those petitions must be gathered by a legal New Jersey resident.

Of Rikin’s 1,800 signatures, the judge approved just 1,009, allowing Mehta to just barely get his name on the ballot.

Penna also claimed in the lawsuit that a large number of Rikin’s signatures were from registered members of the Green Party and Democrat Party, those signatures were also tossed out by the court.

In all, nearly half of Rikin’s signatures, according to the court decision and Penna’s lawsuit were invalid, victims of voter fraud.  Rikin said Penna’s legal challenge, and right under the constitution of the State of New Jersey was frivolous.  Voters are to be seen and not heard, apparently.

“This charade was not only a waste of taxpayer time and money, but the basis of the challenge was offensive,”  the former Obama-era USDA employee and pharmaceutical executive said in a statement.

Mehta conspired that his opponent Hirsh Singh was behind Penna’s challenge to his bogus petition drive.

“Hirsh Singh is not fit to represent the Republican Party in November,” Mehta said.

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Singh, the lifelong Republican from Atlantic County responded to Mehta’s political attack during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The fact that Rikin Mehta depended on the voting base of the Democrat Party and Green Party machinery to get on to the ballot proves that he is a pawn of the progressive establishment,” said Hirsh Singh.  “It is because of the vigilance of Americans like King Penna that we live in the greatest country in the world today.”

Singh criticized New Jersey’s Democrat driven court system, saying Mehta’s ties to the New Jersey Democrat Party gave him an edge with the liberal-leaning Democrat-appointed judge who heard the case.



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