NJ GOP Not Off To A Good Start in 2020 Congressional Resurgence

LONG BRANCH-The 2019 Republican Resurgence might have caught the coronavirus because things are starting to not look good for the party after no candidates were able to submit the 200 required signatures in Congressional District 6 to challenge Democrat Frank Pallone.

One candidate, Christian Ohuoha, who got the Monmouth GOP blessing had petitions signed by the likes of “Lysol Can”, “Derek Jeter”, “Donald Duck” and “Mickey Mouse”, according to a report by the New Jersey Globe.

Sammy Gindi, another Republican running for office also didn’t make the cut.

C’mon guys…200 signatures?

Gindi said he’ll try his luck as a write-in in the GOP primary election where he’ll need 200 votes, this time, unlike his opponent he’ll need real people to write his name in the ballot box.

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