Toms River Police Department Shares Mo-Less Photo


TOMS RIVER-If anyone in Toms River has been violating Governor Phil Murphy’s social distancing guidelines, it would be Toms River Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill.  This week, Hill posed in a variety of “on-the-scene” photo ops around town and received some ribbing from his townspeople who are confined to their homes during the pandemic.

The police department shared another photo, most likely from last week’s “Mo’to Photo Op” without the mayor in it.

“To our community: It is extremely important that you continue to stay home and follow all necessary distancing guidelines as they are set with the safety and health of everyone in mind. We understand many of those guidelines are an inconvenience and appreciate very much that there has been so much understanding from all of you during these unprecedented times,” the department said. “Our officers are aggressively patrolling neighborhoods and businesses to make sure everyone is safe and in compliance with the state mandated directives. We will get through this together. Thank you to everyone who has taken advantage of our online reporting during this difficult time, it has allowed less person-to-person contact and continues to protect everyone. We know we say this all the time but Toms River is the greatest town!”

It’s not sure if this message was directed at Photo Mo, but if any one person in town could benefit from that message, it’s definitely Mayor Hill.

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The original photo showing Mo Hill has since been removed from the department’s Facebook page, but Mo, the internet is forever.