In Michigan, You Can Buy Weed, But Not Seeds During Pandemic


The sale of marijuana is deemed essential in the State of Michigan during the global coronavirus pandemic, but Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared vegetable seeds and home gardens illegal, according to Michigan State Senator Mike Shirkey.

If you remember, Whitmer was the same governor who blasted Donald J. Trump’s hydroxychloroquine support early on, only to reverse course and beg Trump for some of the national stash.

Now, stores across Michigan, during a pandemic…a food crisis are blocking home gardeners from getting their crops planted, with the governor’s order banning the sale of seeds and home garden equipment.  You would think encouraging people to start their own gardens would be a good thing to lighten the load at the local grocery stores who are out of just about everything these days.

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Other governors across the country have shut down Americans’ ability to be their own farmers, hunters and gatherers.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy effectively shut down hunting when he closed all public lands to any form of recreation.

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Photo by Markus Spiske@markusspiske