Two Dollar Quarantine Pizza is Affordable and Fun for the Entire Family


We’re nearly four weeks into our quarantine here in New Jersey and by now, you’ve probably exhausted every recipe and the guy at the pizza place takeout window probably knows your whole life story, but being in quarantine should be about the simple things in life…like making your own pizza.

Last week, we featured an at-home pizza using restaurant-quality ingredients which ran about $15.00 per pizza.  Today, we’re going in the opposite direction and making a dollar-store pizza with ingredients we have right here in our kitchen.

We started with a simple dollar store ulta-thin pizza crust.  This one is made by Golden Home, they usually sell for $3-5 in the stores, but if you scope out your local dollar store you can usually find something suitable.  If cost is no issue for you, then of course, go pick out your favorite crust, but we’re looking for the biggest bang for the buck here.

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We had some mozzarella in the fridge, some leftover sauce, garlic salt and Italian seasoning.  We grow our own fresh herbs, so basil was on standby.

Next came the making of the pizza and it was left to the professional.

After skillful planning, the pizza was complete and air-fryer ready.  We chose the air fryer instead of the oven because this is a thin crust pie and we wanted that crunch and crisp.

We had one problem.  The air fryer blew all the fresh basil out of the center and some even off the pizza completely.

5 minutes in the air fryer and the cheese was melted, the dough was crisp and crunchy.

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The goal here was simple and cheap.  We’re tired of doing elaborate cooking and today, after Easter and Passover, you probably are tired.  This is just one idea for a simple and cheap lunch for the whole family and we’d love to hear how you’re making out with your quarantine creations.

Send us your story and your photos!