Trenton House Party Broken Up for Violating Murphy’s Law

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TRENTON, NJ – Police in Trenton crashed a house party with 15 guests and charged three, not taking any chances to allow the spread of COVID-19.

Lagbeh Tulay, 29, Tinnoh Blayee, 21, and Jonathan Payne, 25, all of Trenton, and Fomba Tulay, 23, of Hamilton, were arrested by the Trenton Police on Friday, April 10. Police responded to the residence of Lagbeh Tulay and Tinnoh Blayee in the first block of Vine Street on a noise complaint. Police found approximately 15 people inside the residence playing loud music. There were numerous food trays and empty and full bottles of alcohol. The four defendants were arrested when they refused to provide identification or comply with directions from officers. All four were charged with obstruction and resisting arrest, both disorderly persons offenses. Lagbeh Tulay was also charged with violating the emergency orders.

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