Toms River Mayor Mo Hill Launches 2023 Election Campaign During Coronavirus Pandemic

Maurice "Mo" Hill.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Mayor Maurice “Mo” Hill has been uncharacteristically posing himself in some very random and strange photo ops in April which were bizarre, even by his own standards.   Hill, the consummate politician who just weeks into his first term of office unsuccessfully tried to take over the Toms River Republican Club, for which is not a member went on a media and public relations tour last week, armed with a camera and his press secretary.

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Today, it was revealed that Mo Hill is already preparing for his 2023 political campaign.

Nevermind that his town is now looking at a 7% tax increase, they can’t afford to pay their public workers or even that Mo Hill is staring down the double barrel of dried up FEMA bailouts and a $20 million judgment by Ciba-Giegy against the town.

Let’s not even think about the Toms River school district budget cuts or that Mo is spending $4,000,000 on garbage trucks and a quarter of a million dollars on a new police department shooting range…or that he’s now trying to grease up and squeeze his fat cat partner in crime, Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin into a quarter of a million-dollar legal job, according to town sources.

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Or, should we forget that Mo just authorized a $300 per hour investigation to see who spoiled his plan to rob MUA workers of their public health benefits to balance the Toms River municipal budget?


On April 3rd, the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission posted Mo’s filing to run in the June 6, 2023, Republican primary campaign.  This gives Hill three full years to raise money to make sure he remains the captain of the seemingly sinking ship that his administration has been in just three short months.  Mo identified himself as a “Republican” in his filing despite that he is not even a member of the Toms River Republican Club and therefore cannot get the endorsement of the party if the election was held today.

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