Trenton City Council Tries to Ban 5G to Protect City from Coronavirus


TRENTON, NJ – A letter from a Trenton resident sparked action at city hall, citing a hoax that links 5G communications with the coronavirus.  That action was to ban 5g service in the city.




Council President Kathy McBride ordered an immediate ban on 5g services until an expert can be brought in to investigate.  The body ended up conferring with the city legal counsel before drafting an ordinance.

In the end, the ban would have affected “wireless telecommunications facilities and related equipment may pose unique impacts upon public health.”

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The letter to the city council warned that telecom providers were using the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover to expend the “unsupervised deployment of harmful wireless infrastructure”.


Don’t believe it? Check out the Trentonian!

Photo by Nicholas Kusuma on Unsplash

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