One Bite, Everyone Knows the Rules, Except this Awesome Pizza Eating Ground Hog


The internet has a new pizza-eating viral sensation.

As Bar Stool Sports’ David Portnoy hides out sight from the coronavirus pandemic in his apartment eating frozen pizzas, this guy isn’t afraid of the coronavirus and will show up at your door, look you in your face as he eats your pizza and tells you what he thinks.  No coronavirus is keeping this guy in his apartment wearing the same purple sweat pants for months.

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Not afraid to get right in your face and let it all hang out for you to watch as he chomps down on his pizza, this groundhog also crushed Portnoy’s latest review head to head.   The pizza ground hog video had over 100,000 views by midnight on Friday compared to Portnoy’s 75,000 for his pizza review.

America may have a new pizza-eating icon unless Dave picks up his game this weekend. The pressure’s on.   Pizza groundhog is also getting massive press coverage.  CNN, Fox News, NY Post, New York Times and many others have covered his antics today.   So far, he’s not showing up on PornTube, where he is also expected to crush Portnoy’s numbers.

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