It’s National Park Week and NJ Democrat Wants You to Virtually Explore Parks You Can’t Actually Visit


TRENTON-There’s nothing like logging onto the internet and looking at a park that’s right around the corner from you that you can’t actually go to.  In many cases, in New Jersey, you can look out your window and see those parks.   Liberty State Park and Sandy Hook are two such parks visible from many miles away in places in New Jersey, but you can’t go.

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And since you can’t go, New Jersey Democrat Congressman Donald Norcross is telling us this week to celebrate National Park Week anyway.   With all parks in New Jersey closed, it’s about as close as you’re going to get to a park without risking a summons or possibly even criminal arrest.

If you visit the National Park Foundation, you can oogle at the fresh air and open space in pictures and enjoy reminiscing about things like walking along paths, riding bikes, kicking a soccer ball or just being able to see beyond the locked front gates of your local or national park.

The virtual tour allows you to look at webcams of empty parks and faraway parks where people can actually visit them…but you can’t because you’re not allowed to leave New Jersey.

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If you browse around the site long enough you can even see historical photos of a time before social distancing.


We’re not sure if Norcross is punking us, or whether he’s just not aware that PornHub is the internet’s most busy website during the pandemic and this stupid national park virtual tour just can’t compete.