If there’s any joy to be found in New Jersey during COVID-19, Phil Murphy will crush it

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy seems like he’s starting to actually enjoy the longterm doom and gloom outlook of COVID-19 and if a smile or two pops up anywhere across the state, he’ll be sure to stop it.

That’s the case in the controversial closings of two drive-through tulip farms here in the Garden State.  Murphy has essentially locked all of New Jersey out of having any kind of experience beyond sitting on the couch and eagerly awaiting his daily press conference to learn all of the new things we aren’t allowed to do today.

Parks. Closed.

Beaches. Closed.

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Driving in your car. Closed.

Leaving your home.  Closed.

Drive-through tulip farms. Closed.

Church. Closed.

Liquor stores. Open.

The list goes on.  It’s apparent that Murphy’s administration doesn’t trust New Jersey residents to follow his social distancing guidelines even though most of the state has and it looks like we’re getting to the other side of that curve he talks about.  We’re all doing our job and it’s showing.  Let us have some human decency while we do our part to soften the curve.

Which brings us to these tulip farm drive-throughs.  Why on God’s earth is driving your family to a beautiful tulip farm in New Jersey putting a single person at risk? You never leave your car. It’s much safer than the life-threatening task of buying groceries.

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These events brought smiles to people who essentially are being oppressed by an overreaching government.   Yes, COVID-19 is lurking.  So is cancer.  So is diabetes.  So are fatal car accidents. There has to be some semblance of normal life during all of this because what Murphy is creating is a whole list of other health issues that will plague New Jersey’s healthcare system including obesity, depression and other illnesses that develop as a result of a long term sedentary lifestyle.  We’re now a society where you can be fined, arrested and serve jail time for walking along a secluded mile-long stretch of beach.  You can be fined for walking through a huge open field of soccer fields, kicking a ball with your child.

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This is not America. This is not helping anyone.