Elderly Marine Corps Veteran Gives Aldi Shoppers $100 Bills


MOBERLY, MO – An elderly Marine Corps veteran was handing out $100 bills this weekend at the Moberly, Missouri Aldi grocery store.  The man was wearing a Marine Corps hat that said, “United We Stand”.

“I was walking into Aldi in Moberly just now to pick up some essentials. An older gentleman approached me. He had a gentle smile and was wearing a US Marine Corps hat that said ‘United We Stand’ on it,” said Moberly resident Melinda Elliott Sander.  “He had a stack of 100 dollar bills in his hand and was handing one to every person who entered the store. He said he is paying for our groceries today. When I refused to take it, he said he is a retired Marine with no one to care for except himself. He said Americans are hurting, and he is helping the only way he knows how.”

According to workers at the story, the Marine Corps veteran had been there all morning.

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“This is what America is all about you guys. There are truly angels among us. I’m at a total loss for words right now. Leaving here to go pay this forward,” Sander said.

The story even made the local “Booneville Daily News“.  The man spent several hours giving shoppers a gift to put a smile on their faces and helping them through the pandemic.

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