Jackson Township Assisted Living Facilities Doing Well During COVID-19 Pandemic


JACKSON, NJ – We’ve all heard the horror story that is emerging at the Andover assisted living facility in North Jersey, but few are focusing on the healthcare green spots across the state and one of those spots is Jackson Township, New Jersey.

Jackson Township is one of the largest towns in New Jersey and home to two large assisted living facilities, Care One at Jackson and the Orchards at Bartley.  To date, combined, only 10 patients have contracted COVID-19 in those two facilities and they also share an uncommon designation statewide of helping Jackson become one of the few towns in all of New Jersey that hasn’t lost a single patient in the care of an assisted living facility to the disease.

Breaking News:  89 new COVID-19 cases reported in Ocean County, highest daily total since April

Care One at Jackson has reported 7 infections and no fatalities.  Orchards at Bartley has reported 3 infections and no fatalities.  Only 16 of 35 facilities in Ocean County can boast that rate of success and the Orchards are in the top 5 when it comes to keeping the spread of the disease down, county-wide according to state records released on Monday.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash