New Jersey Man Threatens To Run Over Anyone Getting COVID-19 Tests in His Town


BARRINGTON, NJ –  An angry New Jersey man was upset after learning that a COVID-19 pop-up testing facility would be opened at his neighborhood Rite Aid and took to Facebook to warn people to stay out.

Jacob Carr used a fake Facebook name and posted, “I’m gonna run you all over with my SUV if I see anyone getting tested.”

Police were able to connect Carr to the comments and he was charged.

Jacob M. Carr, 30, of Barrington, was arrested yesterday, April 19, by the Barrington Borough Police Department on charges of second-degree terroristic threats during an emergency, obstruction (disorderly persons offense), and violating the emergency orders by impeding the performance of an emergency function (disorderly persons offense). After Carr learned that a COVID-19 testing center was being opened at the Rite Aid on Clements Bridge Road in Barrington, he allegedly posted angry messages on the Barrington Parent’s Page on Facebook, including “I’m gonna run you all over with my SUV if I see anyone getting tested.” This caused panic to residents, who alerted the police. Carr used a Facebook account opened under a false name to post the messages, but the police department traced the account to Carr.

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Barrington police reported the following:

On 04/18/2020 we were alerted to an unknown person who took to social media using an anonymous account on Facebook and began making threats. This individual feeling safe behind their keyboard threatened to harm people who might visit the Rite Aid Covid19 Testing Site that opened today. I am happy to report that this person was wrong in thinking they were anonymous or safe. Through some outstanding police work and use of technology officers were able to identify and arrest the subject in less than 24 hours. He was subsequently charged and sent to Camden County Correctional Facility.

This is an uncertain time and we understand most of the stressors everyone is experiencing as a lot of them are present in our very own homes. Please heed this warning, Barrington Police Department is not going to tolerate threats to anyone and you are not as anonymous as you think behind that computer, phone or tablet! Additionally, We need you all to do your part with following the Executive Orders and CDC recommendations. Please go over what is expected with your children as well and please set the example at home so they can see you lead by example. Now is not the time to relax your guard, now is the time to be more diligent. All of Barrington’s Emergency Services are doing their very best in caring for those that are sick, to keep you safe and keep order.

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