Business Spotlight: Jackson Home Care Offers In Home Service to the “Greatest Generation”

Through out my line of work, I had the honor to take care of a WWII veteran. We established a great relationship from the beginning. I visited him every day of the week for several years where we talked about his younger years living in Brooklyn and his service during the war. I was so fortunate to have met him. As a kid, I grew up watching war movies and I was fascinated with B-17 and their crews. Ant It happened that my client was a bombardier on a B-17. He shared multiple stories from his flying missions that captivated my attention on a daily basis. I used to ask him many questions, he shared some pictures and memorabilia he kept throughout the years. Also his wife of more than 60 years was a very pleasant lady.
They both encouraged me to one day start my own business providing care for seniors. They used to tell me that besides the washing and dressing part, I gave them a personal interaction and connection that they had not had with others aides they had in the past. I thanked them every day for their complements and encouragement.
Finally, his health declined and had reached a point of no return. Our last conversation was a good bye one. I kissed him on his forehead and thanked them for allowing me to be part of his life. He replied to me that he was the thankful one for having someone very kind next to him for his last years of life. He told me “always be kind to people”.
Since then, I always practice kindness and our company was created out of kindness to make our seniors lifes better so they can age in place with dignity and grace.

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Shore HomeCare Services is located in Jackson and has been in business since 2014. It is owned by Fernando and Joanne Reinoso

What you can find at Shore HomeCare Services?

We help seniors age in the right place by providing them with the resources to achieve that goal. We provide care from a few hours a day to around the clock, 24 hours care.
We provide Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses to our senior communities in Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex counties.

What sets Shore HomeCare Services apart from their competition?

We have created a Foundations of Wellness program that, when utilized correctly, it help our seniors age in place. This program addresses five dimensions of wellnes: safety, nutrition, social/spiritual interaction, physical exercises and mental exercises.
Also, we provide transportation with our wheelchair accesible van and provide a communication platform for families and clients that allows them tonhave contact 24 hrs. a day.

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What Fernando and Joanne Reinoso brings to the table at Shore HomeCare Services?

My wife and I are direct care providers for more that 25 years each. Throughout the years, we developed a passion for helping our seniors age in place and thrive in the environment of their choosing.

How it all began…

We both worked for large healthcare companies in New York and New Jersey, and have been exposed to multiple years of training and preparation in different subjects that relate to the senior industry and personal care. In 2014, we decided to put all this knowledge together to create Shore HomeCare Services to provide a plan for seniors that desire to age in place.

Breaking News:  Majority of Americans support breaking up big tech monopolies

What to look forward to in 2018 at Shore HomeCare Services…

We are constantly expanding. Recently, we opened an office in Middlesex county and for this summer we are looking into opening a third office in Monmouth county….

Learn more about Shore HomeCare Services at Http:// You can email them at or call them at (732) 534-5000.