Imagine that, she spit on a cop and resisted arrest

The “perp spitting their ‘rona” at police officer gig is already getting old, but Immanuela Omini, 21, of Sicklerville didn’t think so when she was arrested by police for outstanding warrants.

Immanuela Omini, 21, of Sickerville, was charged yesterday, April 20, by the New Jersey State Police with throwing bodily fluid at an officer (4th degree), obstruction (disorderly persons offense), and resisting arrest (disorderly persons offense). A state trooper stopped Omini at about 5:30 p.m. for driving recklessly on Sicklerville Road and discovered that she had several outstanding warrants against her. When Omini refused to get out of her vehicle, the trooper, assisted by officers of the Monroe Township Police Department, had to physically remove Omini from the vehicle. Omini was placed under arrest on the warrants and for resisting arrest and obstruction. As she was being placed in a Monroe Township Police vehicle, Omini allegedly spit twice at the trooper, once in her face and once on the chest.

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