Lakewood Mayor: No Weddings to be Held in Lakewood


LAKEWOOD- Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles, one day after it was announced that the leaders of the township had figured a way to host small family weddings said that plan is no more.

“I learned about this on Monday morning. I was told that a meeting between some community officials, a police chief and a prosecutor had come up with an agreement that a very limited wedding ceremony could take place,” the mayor said. “Limited being the officiant, the photographer, bride and groom, parents of the bride and groom, and a couple of Lakewood police officers to make sure that everything stayed the way it was supposed to be. And then once people started saying they were get married, I heard that people never said you could do this.”

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Previously, Lakewood officials signaled they had the authority to provide that level of service, but reports from the Attorney General’s Office were conflicted.  Coles said while the municipal government was not involved in the approval process between religious leaders and law enforcement officials, it turns out that no approval was ever given.

After the first wedding was held, the internet blew up as New Jerseyians are banned from parks, playgrounds and in most cases, simply leaving their homes, according to Governor Phil Murphy.

Across the state, people are being charged for simply walking down the street late at night “for no reason” and for violating the state’s mandated social distancing guidelines.  Many felt it was unfair and a community risk to allow any exceptions to the rules.

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