ABC Anchorman “Kills” 26 Year Old Who Survived COVID-19


NEW YORK, NY – ABC News anchorman Bill Ritter announced that a 26-year-old New Jersey resident Jack Allard, who survived his long and arduous fight against the coronavirus had died.

The former Ridgewood lacrosse star and two-time all American high school athlete was in a medically induced coma and placed on a ventilator after contracting COVID-19, spending five weeks in the hospital.

“The governor today announcing that Jack has died,” Ritter said.

The segment then cut to a clip of Governor Phil Murphy’s press conference declaring Jack alive and well.

“It was a long month, but slowly Jack rebounded,” Governor Murphy said. “Last Thursday he was clapped out by the doctors and nurses who saved his life as he walked out of the hospital.”

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“I feel horrible,” Ritter said. “Jack is very much alive. Jack we love you.”