More FBI Raids in Lakewood; Governor Murphy Confirms Operation

LAKEWOOD, NJ – For the second consecutive day, FBI agents were in Lakewood Township with a large presence at another warehouse.  The FBI is not talking about the ongoing operation, but Governor Phil Murphy today confirmed a law enforcement operation in Lakewood regarding medical supplies.

Today, the FBO focused on several more locations on Thursday including homes and businesses.

“Because it looks like a law enforcement matter, we won’t have much to say,” Governor Phil Murphy said today regarding two days of FBI and Department of Justice raids against Lakewood businesses. “U.S. Attorney and FBI are both involved and I’m sure our Attorney General will also be involved.”

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ABC News reported the FBI was executing search warrants related to hoarding and price gouging of medical equipment, but the FBI has not officially confirmed that report.

“As a general matter, if somebody is trying to hoard or price gouge in this time of need, they deserve that special place in hell,” Murphy said.

FBI Remains Silent on Large Lakewood Warehouse Investigation


Photo: FBI File Photo by FBI.Gov