New Jersey Man Crashes Car Into Pole, Passed Out from N95 Mask

LINCOLN PARK, NJ РA man driving his vehicle in Lincoln Park, wearing an N95 masked passed out from lack of oxygen and crashed his car into a telephone pole.   Although New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has ordered the wearing of face protection while in public spaces, the Lincoln Park Police Department says wearing such masks is not necessary when driving your vehicle and could be dangerous.

“The LPPD responded to a lone occupant single car motor vehicle crash yesterday. The crash is believed to have resulted from the driver wearing an N95 mask for several hours and subsequently passing out behind the wheel due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake,” the department said.

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Motorists and the public alike are reminded that while masks should be used in public settings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, they are not necessary outdoors when social distancing can be maintained, and especially not necessary when driving a vehicle with no additional occupants.