Want Parks Open? Don’t Just Blame Phil Murphy…Blame Your Mayor and County Freeholders and Do-Nothing Assemblymen


OCEAN COUNTY, NJ – There is a call, mostly among Republicans and conservatives in and around the Jersey Shore to reopen parks.   The shore is home to many spacious state parks, but it’s also home to many large municipal and county parks, which local mayors and the county freeholder boards have also closed.

News from yesterday’s daily press conference with President Donald J. Trump revealed a new study that shows sunlight kills the COVID-19 virus and other studies prove that being in a house for too long not only increases risks of contracting viruses, but also causes other mental and physical ailments.

That’s the reason many Republicans and conservatives are trying to fight Phil Murphy and Trenton to reopen state parks, but let’s face it, Republicans in New Jersey are powerless at the state level and bullish behavior by elected officials such as Ocean County’s Assemblyman Greg McGuckin is nothing more than a political act designed to rally voters.  McGuckin knows Murphy will not cave into the GOP minority’s demands…ever.  They  have never been able to and they never will be able to.

What McGuckin should do is redirect his focus, if he actually does really want parks to open and tell his closest friends in county and municipal government to open their parks.

All of the towns where McGuckin serves as township attorney for have closed their parks.  He’s the legal representative of those towns he could offer those poorly guided mayors some legal advice and some political advice at the same time (maybe not, he’s pretty bad at the political part when he can’t use brute force and leverage jobs and contracts against his underlings).

Instead of writing a press release chastizing Phil Murphy, who isn’t going to listen to a thing he says, maybe he needs to get on the phone with Freeholder Virginia Haines, 98, who fear-mongered our Ocean County park system to a complete halt.   Haines can reopen some of the county’s larger and more spacious parks.

After hanging up with his partner in crime Haines, he can make calls to the lowly people in his political pay to play syndicate, the Mayors who just gave him millions of dollars in new political patronage contracts and ask them to reopen their beaches and parks.

Until then, Greg McGuckin is not the hero he’s trying to portray himself to be but a do-nothing politician who thinks he can get re-elected next year by writing press releases to the NJ Globe and Insider NJ.


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