Governor Murphy Shuts Down Last Remaining Public Trail in Monmouth County

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ – Let no park remain open, no trail left unbarricaded and one trail that slipped through the cracks in Monmouth County has been shut down by order of Governor Phil Murphy today, so get back inside your house and keep binge-watching old episodes of Real Housewives until told otherwise.

Today, Murphy shut down the Henry Hudson Trail which overlooks the Raritan River.

“Effective immediately the Henry Hudson Trail has been ordered closed to all by Governor Murphy, The Atlantic Highlands Police Department said today. “On nice days the trail has been overcrowded making it impossible to maintain social distancing. This could not be the only County or State park left open, and not be overcrowded.”

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“Please do not travel to Atlantic Highlands to use the Henry Hudson Trail,” police warned.

This comes shortly after the Murphy administration lobbied the National Parks Service to shut down trails in the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Management Area.

About the Henry Hudson Trail

This paved, 10-foot wide, 24-mile long trail is a former railroad right-of-way.  It is relatively flat, traveling through both man-made and natural environments.  Much of the trail is tree-lined, though some parts have views of surrounding wetlands, streams and fields. The Henry Hudson Trail Activity Center is located on Hwy 36, Leonardo near the intersection Hwy 36/Avenue D, Atlantic Highlands.

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