Kim Jong Un Ill? Kim Jong Un Gone?

Breaking news from the world’s most reliable source of news, CNN, backed up by TMZ, a celebrity paparazzi site has the world buzzing today. Is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un Ill or is Kim Jong Un gone, to join his father, Kim Jon Il?

Nobody really knows today what’s going on with Rocketman today after he continues to be MIA for state functions.   CNN, and use this with caution, reports that Un had undergone heart surgery and it didn’t go that well.  So, as of now, Un could be anywhere from recovering in the hospital or dead.

It was also reported Hillary Clinton was see trying to board a plane in Seattle for the far east complete with her finest outfits from her Mao Tse Tung collection, hair dyed black and shaven with a high and tight, muttering, “I’ll get that a-hole Trump one way or another.”

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The fake North Korean public media service has been quite busy keeping the world up to date on the notorious leader.

“Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un enjoys well-deserved “staycation” at home,” the satire DPRK news service said today. “Marshal Kim Jong-Un said to be in deep meditation.”