Nobody Shocked After Joe Biden Accused of Sexual Assault by Tara Reade

WASHINGTON, DC – VIA CNN – Very few people are actually shocked about Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusations that aired years ago on CNN’s Larry King Live Show, not even Democrats.   The only thing Democrats are shocked about is the audacity of the non-liberal media to consider this allegation as relevant.  Until this weekend, the liberal news media didn’t even cover it and most are just doing the bare minimum to save face.

America’s top socialist dictator, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said the matter is a personal one for Biden and needs to be vetted by the media.  No Congressional hearings, no “#metoo” posts of social media by the woman who won’t even let her state buy vegetable seeds at Walmart.

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Amy Klobuchar, who is expected to be Biden’s running mate hailed creepy Joe as a leader in the domestic abuse category, but insisted, “All women in these cases have the right to be heard and have their claims thoroughly reviewed.”

But, what are we really talking about here?  It’s creepy Joe being creepy Joe.  Here’s what happened, according to CNN then and now.

CNN reported:

Reade had publicly accused Biden last year of touching her shoulders and neck and making her feel uncomfortable. Now, according to the Times, she alleges that in 1993, Biden had “pinned her to a wall in a Senate building, reached under her clothing and penetrated her with his fingers.”

If that’s no trademark creepy Joe, then what is?  There are countless ear sniffing, child touching, high hip hugging and hair sniffing videos floating around the internet that proves a definitive pattern that Joe Biden has some sort of underlying sexual deviancy towards women.  A simple grope of a young child on national tv here, a quick ear sniff there.

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Unfortunately for America, this was nearly 30 years ago Tara Reade so far doesn’t want to be involved in the media circus that could pitch its tent on a major scandal during a Presidential election but is also much happier to not have to do that.

With the star witness unwilling to take a stand, Joe Biden has dodged a media bullet that wasn’t really even aiming for him.