Exposing Some of Rise Up Ocean County’s Deepest, Darkest Secrets

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We could not for the life of us figure out the infatuation Rise Up Ocean County criminal-in-charge Richard Ciullo has with Shore News Network and the constant harping of Ocean County Philanthropist Jeremy Grunin’s 2016 smash and bash, terror on the roadway incident in Island Heights.

Why would RUOC keep bringing up Grunin’s 2016 car crash up over…and over..and over..and over again. which he bashed his luxury vehicle into a bunch of parked cars in Island Heights, then tried to run from police as the officers inspected the damage.

Check Out Cuillo’s Mug Shots, 2015, 2020 before and after!

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Grunin chalked this up to “Sleep Apnea” and we’re sure Jeremy wants to put this dark moment of his life in the past.

Back then the Ocean County prosecutor, Joe Coronato wanted Grunin, but didn’t get him as he had his case bumped to Atlantic County…more on that in a minute.

THEN.. we find out that one of Jeremy Grunin’s employees at his failed $2 million Canaeda’s White Rooster is actually one of the admins on Rise Up Ocean County.

AS RUOC says…. “more on that later”.

Now, Grunin and his wife donated THOUSANDS of dollars to Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill in last year’s election and everyone knows, we keep a close eye on Hill’s plan to turn Toms River into a suburb of Lakewood Township, so it’s all starting to make sense that Grunin, a developer of synagogues and financial supporter of Mayor Mo Hill would want to support Rise Up Ocean County when they all have a “mutual enemy” which is “the truth”.

Now follow the money, $8,000 of it to wash up in the remote part of ocean County, lacey to be exact, where it was delivered in virtual brown envelopers to washed-up reporter Karen Wall over at the Toms River Patch who was paid by Hill to fabricate a bogus story about Shore News Network during Hill’s election. Wall, is the same reporter who told us last month that 100,000 people in Ocean County are going to be infected with COVID-19, overrun our hospitals and there will be open mass graves in parks all over the county.

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Grunin still holds a grudge against SNN because years ago, he dumped $50,000 of mom and dad’s hard-earned cash to privilege himself to a seat on the Toms River School Board. Instead, our good friend Rob Onofrieti won that election and SNN was there to help a good honest man serve his community. Grunin, in his mind had paid for that election fair and square and fired off hate mail to SNN, pledging to discredit SNN, expose SNN and take down SNN if it was the last thing he did in life, before plundering part of mom and dad’s fortune on a failing restaurant.

Again, as RUOC says, more on that later.

Good news is, the exalted leader of the RUOC klan is not dying of COVID-19 and we have been told he’s in fine health and for that, we thank you.

Maybe Grunin and Ciullo might have crossed paths at the county court house while fighting their charges, who knows…many think there’s more of a connection between the two.

Rise Up Ocean County is run by a twice convicted fraud who served two stints in jail for fraud… now, he’s frauding the people of Ocean County and working with political insiders to “blame jews’ for the problems of Ocean County, while turning a blind eye and running cover for the people who are selling out Toms River and Jackson, Mayors Mo Hill and Mike Reina and their developer friends, Jeremy Grunin, Jack Morris, Capodaglio etc.

Screen capture from Jail Base, a nationwide inmate tracker featuring Richard Ciullo’s many incarcerations.

So you have to ask yourself. Why does RISE UP OCEAN COUNTY not only support and defend Toms River Mayor Mo Hill, but they actually endorse that oaf for office last year.. why are they not talking about plans to build downtown toms river into city? Why are they not talking about Mo Hill’s plan to reduce religious house zoning from 10 to 2 acres? Why is development, approved by Mo Hill not a concern to Rise Up?

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Why is it that Rise Up ocean County doesn’t care about Jackson Mayor Mike Reina zoning HUNDREDS of acres to his developer friend out at Great Adventure to build high density apartments, even though that friend is trying to flip his other Jackson commercial development to a Lakewood real estate investment firm.  Why is RUOC hellbent on destroying the life of a low-paid Lakewood police for cheating on his wife, but gives another local mayor a pass when he got kicked out of his home for doing the same thing.

The other question left unanswered is why is Rise Up Ocean County is completley ignoring the fact that Jackson Mayor Reina had a cocktail party engagement with none other than Sal Alfieri, the lawyer representing Jackson Trails, which RUOC loves to hate.  It turns out that the lawyer also represents the developer Reina just changed those hundreds of acres of zoning in Jackson to support multi-family apartments.  What about the fact that new RUOC antagonist Jack Morris has worked closely with Reina and when Reina screwed his town with affordable housing with then partner-in-crime Ken Bressi, the other huge tract given a pass was owned by none other than…you guessed it…Jack Morris.

We will begin publishing our 2 years of research we’ve gathered on the dealings of those connected with Rise Up Ocean County.  This is just the tip of the “non-Jewish” iceberg.

Ciullo used to be somebody in local politics, he used to do some political campaign work down south.  That is until the old Republican establishment shit canned him from the work he was paid to do by campaigns once he was convicted of fraud the first time, sources say.  Like Grunin, Hill, Reina and McGuckin, they hold a huge grudge against the powers that be in Ocean County and while Reina, McGuckin and Hill are the interim power brokers in Ocean County, Ciullo is their lapdog hoping a crumb or two drops from the table.

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Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…..We will begin exposing Ciullo’s ties to those people and why he is rallying ALL of Ocean County against the Jewish community at large while he openly supports the underlying builder take over of Jackson and Toms River.

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