Pole Dancer Suing Zoom After Unwanted Men Showed Up For Meeting


Stacey Simmons, a pole dancing teacher in California is suing the online meeting company Zoom after unwanted men started showing up unexpectedly in her pole dancing instruction classes.  According to the lawsuit, Simmons is suing the company because she feels it did not provide the level of security promised in its advertising.

Simmons, a customer of Zoom teaches burlesque and pole dancing online to earn money during the COVID-19 shut down in California.  She alleges that those security breaches are the fault of the company and resulted in her losing clients and having a lower attendance as women who aspired to become pole dancers were scared away by the creepy men breaking into their meetings.

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“The level of encryption Zoom provides is far less robust than what it promised,” she said in her complaint. “And a wide variety of security failings have jeopardized Zoom-users’ privacy. These failings have enabled bad actors to join meetings without permission, to access web cameras surreptitiously, and to access many thousands of recorded Zoom meetings stored online.”

Photo by Mahir Uysal on Unsplash