We’re Pretty Sure Andrew Cuomo is Now Acting Governor Of New Jersey

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TRENTON, NJ –  New Jersey will not open for business until New York does.  New Jersey plays a small role in a bigger community.  If the numbers in New Jersey improve, but New York doesn’t, it’s irresponsible to open New Jersey.  Let’s see what happens across the bridge.  If a bar in New Jersey opens before a bar in New York, then New Yorkers will come to New Jersey, and we can’t have that.

It’s been an underlying theme in recent weeks, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has his eyes on some other prize as he takes advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic and is now using it as a socialist bully pulpit to enforce his ideology on the people of New Jersey, but in recent weeks, Murphy has spoken in complete unison with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and if you watch Cuomo’s daily COVID-19 briefing, watching Murphy’s is nothing more than a rerun.

“We’ve committed to working with our regional partners throughout this crisis to align our policies when and where appropriate,” said Governor Murphy.“A unified approach is the most effective way to alleviate confusion for the residents of our states during the ongoing public health emergency.”

“Throughout this pandemic, we’ve worked closely with our friends in neighboring states to implement a uniform regional approach to reducing the spread of the virus,” Governor Cuomo said. “Aligning our policies in this area is another example of that strong partnership, and will help ensure there is no confusion or ‘state shopping’ when it comes to marinas and boatyards.”

So, now, against our will, New Jersey is inexplicably attached to the hip with New York when it comes to our pandemic response.

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For some odd reason, New Jersey elected Phil Murphy. Maybe we had Chris Christie fatigue syndrome or maybe people just didn’t think he was serious about the damage he wanted to do to New Jersey.    He promised to support illegals.  He promised to free criminals.  He promised to raise taxes and now that he has supreme power in the Garden State, he’s promising that we don’t make a move without Andrew Cuomo and New York.

Murphy was dangerous before COVID-19, and now he’s more dangerous than ever and our legislators in Trenton are empowering him.

When it came time for marinas to reopen, Murphy waited for Cuomo to give the green light.

Mr. Murphy you unfortunately are our Governor, not Andrew Cuomo.  If you wanted to pick a mentor during COVID-19, you picked the wrong one.

Photo from Andrew Cuomo’s Official Facebook Page.

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