Wildwood Allows Boardwalk Restaurants to Open for Takeout


WILDWOOD, NJ – Nothing makes sense about how local governments are responding to Governor Phil Murphy’s especially in seaside towns with boardwalks where restaurants on one side of the road can open for takeout, but boardwalk restaurants just feet away are forced to close.

After realizing the absurdity of that, Wildwood is now allowing boardwalk restaurants to reopen for curbside and takeout pickups.

“It wasn’t meant to encourage folks to come down to generate business,” Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron told NJ.Com “Other  businesses in Wildwood were allowed to be open, so we got some phone calls from boardwalk people. They said ‘In all fairness, if you’re going to allow those other businesses throughout the town to be open, then it’s only fair we should be allowed to be open as well.’ Frankly, I can’t argue with that logic.”

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Sam’s Pizza Palace on the boardwalk in Wildwood is now open for takeout Friday through Sunday.

“We want to remind everyone to continue to exercise recommended safety precautions. Wear a mask and remain 6 feet apart when picking up your orders,” Sam’s Pizza Palace said. Sam’s Pizza Palace was recently featured in our Top 10 Pizzerias to Visit After Quarantine, but now, you can get before!