While Republicans Celebrate Park Openings, Millions Still Can’t Pay their Bills in New Jersey

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TRENTON, NJ – On Wednesday, freedom in New Jersey was given a feel-good victory as Governor Phil Murphy blessed the populous of his kingdom with the privilege of being allowed to go outside and spend your days waiting for unemployment to kick in at your local park.    Republicans from the Delaware River to the Atlantic Ocean, from High Point to Cape May rejoiced in their hard-fought victory to leave our homes and walk, jog and cycle in public view.

While the patted each other on the back through well crafted press releases after a hard-fought battle, millions of New Jerseyans woke up this morning not to the taste of victory, but to the smell of unpaid bills, unemployment, figuring out how to pay for this week’s groceries and what time the food bank opens.

Republicans in New Jersey have been so desperate for a victory after riding ‘b—c’ on the Democrat’s motorcycle for the past several years that the reopening of public parks was the trophy they needed to start filling up their trophy case that is currently full of participation trophies, but it wasn’t even their victory.   Phil Murphy, in an endless game of chicken with Senate President Steve Sweeney simply was the first to blink.   Once Sweeney crossed the line to support the reopening of parks, Murphy realized the car was coming right at him and wasn’t moving.

It had nothing to do with the Republican fight, or the resolve of the people, it was because the battle to reopen parks had ceased to become a partisan battle Murphy could hang his hat on for his socialist followers.

Murphy’s in a great spot. He is essentially the supreme leader of New Jersey and he knows it. Republicans can chirp, gripe and moan all they want but it has no effect.  Murphy knows the GOP can’t win an election in New Jersey to save its own life.   He laughs at them.   He knows no Republican in New Jersey will get too far out of line to challenge him, not the GOP Chairman, not the Assembly or Senate leaders and definitely not the swap creatures that occupy seats in our legislative houses.

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So while the GOP spikes the football after Supreme Leader Murphy shaved off a crumb of freedom to appease the masses, the fact remains that New Jersey is in bad shape and no amount of GOP twitter posts, Facebook posts or memes are going to make it any better any time soon unless the party kicks it up and begins engaging Murphy and the Democrats head-on.   It all starts with figuring out how to win elections in the face of a Democrat Party who is working overtime to destroy the constitution of the United States and the erode the freedoms of Americans nationwide.  The ball is in your court and New Jersey depends on you.

So, make your victory lap quick today, but at some point, think about the millions of others in New Jersey who are struggling to survive real world problems, many of whom can’t even get their unemployment checks…small businesses shut down by the Governor, but rejected for federal aid and those who will soon be losing their health benefits, jobs, houses and more.

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