“I hope you all get the virus,” Says Man to Cops After Being Collared for Domestic Dispute

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ – The coronavirus has given perpetrators a new element to each and every arrest by police officers, the ability to spit their coronavirus and wishes of coronavirus on police officers.   It’s a disturbing trend that is flying off the shelves quicker than toilet paper and hand sanitizer these days.  The latest incident comes out of Mount Laurel where a man broke right through Governor Murphy’s social distancing guidelines to coronarage on another person.

Quentin Daniels, 33, of Mount Laurel, was charged by the Mount Laurel Police on April 28 with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer (4th degree) and obstruction (disorderly persons offense). Police responded to a report of a domestic dispute. Daniels refused to cooperate and attempted to leave. While being handcuffed, he allegedly purposely coughed on officers and said he had the coronavirus. Throughout his transport and upon his initial detention at headquarters, he continually removed the N95 mask placed on him by police and repeatedly coughed on officers, saying, “I hope you all get the virus.”

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