Woman Arrested for Scratching, Spitting on Nurse to Infect Her With Coronavirus


WOODBURY, NJ –  Maybe it’s because New Jersey has been locked down for 45 days or maybe it’s because some people in our state are just crazy, but in Woodbury last week, a woman was charged by police for attacking a nurse and other medical personnel.   Allegedly she went full COVID-19 pandemic coronarage and spat on nurses, even scratching one to ‘infect them with her coronavirus”.   Now, she’ll have a nice story to tell the grandchildren when they ask her about the great pandemic of 2020.

Alana B. Hall, 24, of Wenonah, was charged on April 26 by the Woodbury Police with terroristic threats during an emergency (2nd degree), aggravated assault (3rd degree), and disorderly conduct. It is alleged that Hall purposely coughed on medical staff at Inspira Medical Center and said she was infected with COVID-19. She allegedly scratched and struck a nurse technician, spat on her, and fought with other medical personnel.

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