Man Arrested After Caught Quarantining on Tropical Disney Island


ORLANDO, FL – There was no hidden treasure to be found at Disney World’s long-closed Discovery Island for 42-year-old Richard McGuire who was found camped out by deputies on the abandoned island.  Orange County Sherrif’s Office deputies arrested McGuire who had been living on the island for a number of days.  He told the officers he was unaware it was private property and was hoping to stay there for about a week.

“Richard stated that he was unaware of that and that it looked like a tropical paradise,” the OCSO said.   “Orange County Marine deputies on Bay Lake used a public address system to tell McGuire he was not allowed to be on the property, but he remained on the island, anyway, according to the arrest report,” said the local ABC affiliate. He was arrested for trespassing charge and lodged in the jail.

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