State Closes Corson’s Inlet State Park Day After Reopening

OCEAN CITY, NJ – Just 24 hours after reopening, the New Jersey State Parks service has closed Corson’s Inlet State Park’s beach until further notice.  Corson’s Inlet State Park was established in 1969 to help protect and preserve one of the last undeveloped tracts of land along the state’s oceanfront. The area’s natural habitats are rich in the diversity of its wildlife with primary and secondary sand dune systems, shoreline overwash, marine estuaries, and upland areas in which hundreds of wildlife species live and breed.

“Park Advisory: Corson’s Inlet State Park. Beach access is CLOSED until further notice,” the department said. “Parking lot access for boat launching ONLY.”

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No reason was given for the closure, but it could have been done by request of Ocean City after beachgoers at Corson’s Inlet Beach overflowed to the city’s still closed public beaches.  Crowds at the beach were not that bad, according to many accounts on social media.

“I was there today and thought 95% of people were following social distancing perfectly. The fishermen always keep apart,” asked Rennie Sefert.

“We were there today and there is no way this had anything to do with the people that was on that beach today at least while we were there. Everyone was social distancing, no one was on top of each other, some people had masks on and people were extremely respectful of each others space,” said Christine Garvey.

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