Mo Hill’s Top Political Campaign Operative Escapes Furlough to Administer Empty Ice Rink During COVID-19

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TOMS RIVER-Toms River Mayor Maurice B. Hill and Councilman Kevin Geoghegan both credited a Toms River Township employee for their victory in last year’s mayoral election.  Upon being sworn into office in January, Geoghegan thanked her.   On election night, Hill said he couldn’t have won without her.

Now, as Toms River’s rank and file employees are being furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mo Hill’s political campaign chairwoman Dara Clark will continue her role as administrator of the Winding River Ice Rink, even though that rink has been closed for nearly one month.  There are no skaters, no hockey games, no beer league games and no public open skate nights.

According to the township’s official meeting minutes of January 3rd, 2020, Geoghegan thanked Clark.

“Councilman Geoghegan thanked voters for voting, and Dara Clark and family for their support in the past election,” the official register said.

“Last night, we won a close election for Mayor of Toms River,” Mo Hill posted on Facebook after his victory. “It’s been a grueling 8 months but it all paid off last night…Special thank yous to my fabulous campaign chairwoman DARA CLARK.”

Dara Clark is listed in Township records as Daryl Clark.  Clark worked as a township clerk before being promoted to the position of administrator of the Winding River Hockey Rink.

Hill has dumped $1,000,000 into upgrades at the center, and according to the Business Administrator, Clark is overseeing those projects at the empty ice rink.

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“While rink is closed, provides security, opens up and closes for contractors and verifies construction projects taking place: Bathrooms, locker room, roofs, side walls, Chiller, walkways between rinks,” said Business Administrator Don Guardian.  Guardian said Clark earns $53,146 and her official title is Clerk/Bookkeeper.

A whistleblower within town hall contacted Shore News Network last week.  That whistleblower, who watched Hill and the council furlough other workers said it wasn’t fair that some workers in town hall get to keep working just because of their political affiliation with the Mayor.  The worker wanted to remain anonymous for fear of workplace retribution by Hill’s administration.




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