New Jersey Deploys National Guard Military Police, But Not to Lakewood

CHERRY HILL, NJ –  Weeks after being making a call to deploy the U.S. Army to Lakewood Township,  Councilman Barry Calogero has resigned from his position as a neighboring Jackson Township Councilman.   Before Calogero resigned, he got his wish.  The New Jersey National Guard was deployed to fight COVID-19, not just in Lakewood.    Instead of fighting alongside Calogero and his personal war with the Lakewood Orthodox community, the soldiers of New Jersey’s 327th Military Police Company is deployed on a nine-month security mission to the Caribbean and Central America.  The unit is based out of Cherry Hill.    Over 100 members of the unit will leave New Jersey today on a mission to support American security operations.

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Back at home, Task Force 57 of the Army and Air National Guard continues serving New Jersey in many capacities.  Last week, National Guard Soldiers with the 508th Military Police Company built 45 hospital beds at East Orange General Hospital, East Orange. Task Force 57 Airmen and Soldiers are assisting the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management in reopening a wing of the East Orange General Hospital in response to the COVID-19 relief effort.  Other N.J. Air and Army National Guardsmen sanitized rooms and high touch areas at the N.J. Veterans Home at Paramus.

Calogero, who never served in the military most likely believed the mission of the National Guard is to be on standby to quell civil disobedience in his community at his whim, naively shortchanging the real mission of the New Jersey National Guard and discrediting the soldiers of the National Guard.   America is not a banana republic that deploys troops against his citizens when New Jersey already has a well-established and capable state police force, a county sheriff’s organization and local police departments to handle the task of enforcing local law.   Even socialist Governor Phil Murphy had the awareness to realize the mission of the guard is not to serve as the Governor or councilman’s personal police force.

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Our brave young warriors in the National Guard are deployed across the state and their performing a job that is needed, assisting the residents of the state, as a united force to get us all through the COVID-19 pandemic alive and Shore News Network, a veteran-owned business thanks our next generation of citizen-warriors for their service.   These men and women are working the front lines of the real enemy facing America, the COVID-19 virus that has killed 60,000 people in just 45 days.

Only a dangerous idiot would call to deploy the National Guard against America’s own citizens in a time when COVID-19 has killed more Americans than were killed in the entire 10 year Vietnam War…but what would Calogero know about sacrifices made by those who serve…he never did…just himself.

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