Owner of Bridgewater BBQ Slams Murphy Over Draconian Closures that Will Bankrupt Thousands of Small Businesses in NJ


BRIDGEWATER, NJ – John Piazzola, owner of “Smokin’n Chick’s | Got Wood BBQ” said he was insulted by road signs placed by the administration of Governor Phil Murphy telling New Jersey residents not to be knuckleheads.    “I see this sign, keep a safe distance, don’t be a knucklehead,”  Piazzola said.  “You know who’s a knucklehead, you are!”  Piazzola said as a sole proprietor business owner, like so many small businesses in New Jersey, he’s not entitled to any grants and can’t get loans from the SBA, even as Murphy is planning to roll out a plan to give illegal aliens in New Jersey a $600 weekly allowance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did you see it?
Fat Jack's BBQ has $30,000 smoker trailer stolen, have you seen it?

“If you want to sit down and have a conversation with a blue collar worker to an idiot like you, you know where to find me, open up our f8cking country, do the right thing,” He told Murphy.


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